Members W.A.T.A. Association (World Animal Trainers Association)

Founding members

The idea of creating this association was founded by the exchange of ideas with some friends who deal with behaviorism in marine mammals.

President: Monica Acciai

Monica Acciai

She began her professional career in 1995 as a behaviorist specializing in marine mammals of various species. She has been trained with Ken Ramirez and participated in internships at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and at the SeaWorld in San Diego. Professional Member dell'IMATA (International Marine Animal Trainers Association), has participated in numerous conferences nationally and worldwide cooperating with the presentation of papers on marine mammals. She worked in a wildlife park in the Dominican Republic gaining experience with sea turtles of the species "Caretta caretta". She has worked for a period of ten years with the CNR of Ancona (National Research Centre) at the study of the use of the sonar by a resident community of "Tursiops truncatus". She has worked with Todd Robeck Vice-President of the "Reproductive Research Center" in California on a training project of artificial insemination in "Tursiops truncatus".


Barbara Acciai

Experienced trainer in terrestrial and marine mammals, has gained esperinena in the field working in various parks and facilities such as Italian and European: Zoomarine Algarve Portugal, Zoomarine Rome, Palablu Dolphinarium Gardaland.
She currently works at the Park of "Oltremare" in Riccione. Here has developed expertise in weaning and management of baby bottlenose dolphin.

secretary/treasurer: CARLO CONTI

Carlo Conti

Carlo Conti has a degree in Professional Education in the Social and Health field. In 2001 he created an innovative project that provided assistance with the help of the Animals at the Medical Center of "Light on the Sea".
Carlo has taken part in numerous Training Courses in Canine Sector and Equestrian Sector, gaining experience in the field of behaviorism and also of human-animal interaction. He receives a patent from the AIUCA-DELTA SOCIETY. AIUCA assists competent and operational personnel in Animal Assistance interventions through a training program that combines theory, practice on the field with internships supervised by specialized professionals. An important and special mention is given to the Master of Neuropsychiatry at the University of Florence at the Careggi Hospital.
Carlo has been collaborating since 2008 with the Civil Protection Rescue Unit of the Province of Rimini, offering his relief service for the scattered on the surface and rubble. The Cinofila Rescue Unit offers assisted interventions in tense camps during emergency situations by collaborating with psychologists directly on site. Carlo interacts with various rescue procedures with his faithful companion "Nina" a beautiful 8 year Retriever.

Annual meeting of members wata

In first and second call, by order of the day:
"Annual Association's Budget"

APRIL 11, 2019 AT 20:00 PM

at Conference room Hotel Vienna Ostenda
Avenue Regina Elena, 11 - 47923 Rimini (RN)

Tel. 0541 391744 - Fax 0541 391032

Statute of W.A.T.A. Association